Future-Fit Business Strategy

Future-Fit Business Strategy

Imagine if all businesses had a clear picture of how they’d look and perform in a truly sustainable future. Not just to eliminate all negative impacts, but to deliver net value for the environment and society, as well as being profitable. Most businesses don’t have this clarity; or a strategy to get there.


This course is designed to enable you to develop effective strategy frameworks and planning to navigate the sustainability challenge as a responsible, restorative and resilient organisation.

The applied 2-day course will cover:

  1. Effective good practice steps to develop a strategic framework for sustainability
  2. The Natural Step’s globally recognised Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development used by brand leaders such as Nike, Interface and IKEA
  3. The ground-breaking Future-Fit Business Benchmark as a means of measuring what matters for your company, and its investors.

The course is targeted at up-and-coming sustainability leaders to build knowledge, capability and confidence; but will be equally valuable for executives, managers and consultants interested in pursuing an integrated, systems science approach to sustainability.

The course will be led by Simon Harvey and Stefan Rüegg of Proxima. Proxima is an accredited partner of Future-Fit Foundation and Simon is an accredited Senior Advisor with The Natural Step.

Guest expert presentations will provide further practical insights from the field.


50% of the course will be spent actually applying The Natural Step framework and Future-Fit Business Benchmark tools to increase learning and build your confidence.

By the end of the course, you’ll:

  1. Understand the importance of an integrated systems-approach to sustainability and the ability to apply integrated thinking to business strategy
  2. Understand the core elements of The Natural Step framework and be able to explain to decision-makers the benefits of using a science-based, strategic approach for developing sustainability strategy
  3. Understand The Natural Step framework’s system conditions and be confident in using them to inform a science-based sustainability impact assessment
  4. Have the knowledge and capability to develop a strategic sustainability framework using a backcasting strategic planning methodology
  5. Have a working knowledge of the Future-Fit Business Benchmark as a valuable resource to inform strategic sustainability and relevant success indicators
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The course will be held in Auckland, venue TBC. The registration investment includes all training materials, morning teas, lunches and afternoon teas:

  1. $1,990 full price
  2. $1,490 SBN and SBC members
  3. $1,250 Now Crowd members
  4. $990 full time tertiary students (student ID required)

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