Lyttleton Port Company (LPC)

Developing a sustainability framework together

LPC had plenty of good sustainability initiatives in place with a strong track record; but it needed a coherent framework to bring them together. At the same time, the company wanted to develop a better shared understanding of sustainability across the business, a common view of the future and some clear priorities in a structured plan.

With the desire to build the capability of the team and internalise the process, Proxima adjusted the Adding Sustainable Value strategy programme to run an in-house process. That allowed a wide variety of employees as well as executives to be involved.

Environment, Planning and Sustainability Manager, Kim Kelleher, summed it up. “We decided to use the ASV course because it had a logical structure, was also flexible enough that we could shape it a bit depending on our priorities; but importantly it put us in the driver’s seat. The process supports and facilitates the development of a strategy for growing long term value but we did all the work.”

“We used the programme to develop our first comprehensive sustainability strategy and involved approximately 25 LPC staff across a broad range of business areas, from cargo handlers to the executive team. We had a lot of feedback on how engaging the workshops were; and they were especially valuable for developing a common language for sustainability at LPC.”

“We were really interested in a process that would help build capabilities of our team and it exceeded expectations in that area. The team found the workshops engaging and energetic and there was plenty of opportunity for good discussion.”

Over the four modules of the programme, the LPC team developed a clear vision for the future with clear sustainability themes, priorities and a plan. And, with it all being developed by the LPC team themselves through a guided process, the ownership and understanding will help internalise sustainability thinking and improve implementation.

Adding Sustainable Value is based on a systems view of sustainability and a robust strategy development and planning process. Building capability on the inside is a strong value for Proxima. It fosters more integrated thinking and a deeper understanding about how creating more value for stakeholders (including the environment) can produce better commercial outcomes.