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Sustainability reporting frameworks

Reporting frameworks like GRI and <IR> can help you communicate how your sustainability journey is adding value to your business as well as a full range of external stakeholders. We run regular certified learning courses on these frameworks, as well as in-house training and coaching that’s designed to meet your needs.

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Future-Fit Business Benchmark

Finding the right progress indicators can be tricky. The Future-Fit Business Benchmark has done all the work for you, providing a framework based on science with meaningful and consistent business reporting indicators. Covering the full suite of sustainability issues, the Benchmark indicators tell you how much progress you’ve made, how far you are from break-even sustainable performance, and what steps you can take next to improve.

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Customised in-house training

Bring your business into the classroom and work on real issues. We can tailor learning pathways to ensure your team has the skills needed to help you reach your goals.

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